Funding over the past twenty years has been provided primarily through grants and private donations.

Bright Tomorrows reached out to the community for the first time in 2007 for capital campaign contributions to fund a new building for the advocacy center. And the community responded. In 2007, with the help and support of many local contributors, Tuscany House was built.

"We are proud to serve the needs of the community," said Kathy Downes, Director. "Pocatello is growing and the number of children in crisis and in need of services continues to grow."

The promise of laughter, hope and dreams does not reach everyone. With guidance and help, Bright Tomorrows Child Advocacy Center can make the lives of the youngest in our community a little easier and open the doors to a brighter tomorrow.

Bright Tomorrows is a not-for-profit organization continually seeking contributions and volunteers. To find out how you can help Bright Tomorrows Child Advocacy Center, click here.

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