Crisis Support Counseling Services

Crisis Support Counseling services are provided to the parents and guardians of children who participate in forensic interviews, as well as other individuals or caregivers who may be seeking more information about sexual abuse. These services are designed to give support and education to caregivers in a one-on-one setting.

The goal of our initial crisis support meeting is to educate and support caregivers of children who may have been abused or witnessed criminal behaviors so that the caregivers are better able to support their children. This initial meeting with the caregiver(s) is provided while their child is in a forensic interview. In this meeting, the crisis support counselor explores the abuse-related needs of the caregivers, provides education on the investigation process, completes a mental health assessment, and provides general reassurance and support. Following the child forensic interview, the Bright Tomorrows Interviewer, Law Enforcement worker, and/or Child Protection worker will come into this advocacy meeting to inform the caregiver(s) of information disclosed during the interview and further plans or needs for their child's case. After the initial meeting and child forensic interview, the family advocate follows up with the caregivers to assist with any additional services, unanswered questions, or referrals the family may need.

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