Child Forensic Interviews

A child forensic interview is a recorded conversation designed to allow a child to talk about any abuse that may have occurred. These interviews are conducted in a child-centered, non-leading manner by a professional who is specially trained. The interviewer's training is intensive, research based, and taught by nationally recognized forensic interview trainers.

During a child forensic interview, a child is encouraged to talk about events in a non-judgmental setting and to expand on his or her memory of events without the interviewer placing suggestions in the childís mind. Interviews conducted at Bright Tomorrows CAC are observed by investigators from a separate observation room and are recorded onto a DVD, which is stored securely in evidence with the appropriate investigative agency. Information gathered during a forensic interview and advocacy help Law Enforcement and/or Child Protective Services to decide the next step in their investigation and to move toward their goal of protecting children and increasing safety in our community.


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