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A child advocacy center is a place where caring and responsive adults make a difference for children of suspected maltreatment (sexual abuse, physical abuse or neglect). Dedicated to the prevention of further trauma, child advocacy centers provide a non-threatening environment and staff that put the needs of the child first.

The heart of a child advocacy center is its multidisciplinary team, with a common goal to support children and families as suspected maltreatment is investigated. Through interagency agreement, child protective workers, law enforcement, mental health providers, medical providers, advocates and prosecutors work together to create a supportive response to child abuse. Click here for more information on the Multidisciplinary Task Force.

A CAC is:

  • A place where children and their families can heal from the trauma of abuse.
  • A central location where specially trained professionals work together with the common goal of supporting families during the investigation of suspected child abuse.
  • A place where families receive support, education and necessary referrals to community resources.
  • A resource to our community about child sexual abuse and its effects, creating a more sensitive and supportive environment.

Purpose of a Child Advocacy Center

If life were a fairy tale, no child would be abused. The cold reality is that many children are abused. And, once upon a time, the agencies and people who were supposed to help often re-victimized a child who was the victim of abuse.

Local professionals have long recognized the need for a system response that addresses the needs of young victims. Keeping in mind that many of these children are often confused, scared or traumatized due to abuse. The Child Advocacy Center provides a nurturing, "child-friendly" environment as well as services which support their physical and emotional well-being.

The focus of Bright Tomorrows Child Advocacy Center is the child: bringing together in one comfortable location, the members of the community who can help provide support, courage, and hope the child victim and the family need to reach toward laughter, hope, joy and dreams.


The following services are provided by specially trained professionals:
  • A coordinated investigation.
  • Forensic interviewing (as requested by law enforcement and child protective services).
  • Child advocacy and family support.
  • Medical examination.
  • Mental health services.
  • Referrals to appropriate community resources.
  • Court preparation.
  • Educational programs.
  • Prevention programs and outreach to the community.

The following services are provided by licensed professional counselors, social workers and Master of Counseling student interns.
  • Advocacy and Support Services
  • Play Therapy
  • Group Counseling
  • Individual and Family Counseling
  • Community Education


  • To minimize the trauma to children.
  • To enhance interagency coordination, communication, and cooperation.
  • To provide families with support and necessary referrals to community resources.
  • To conduct thorough evaluations.
  • To coordinate training needs for community professionals involved in child abuse.
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