Bright Tomorrows, Inc. of Pocatello was originally incorporated in the State of Idaho on November 16, 1984 as an Idaho Non-profit Corporation. It was formed for the purpose of improving education, detection, intervention, rehabilitation, and prevention of child sexual abuse. In the 25 years of the program's existence, counseling services have been provided to children and families affected by child sexual abuse regardless of their resources to assist them in dealing with the harsh realities of child sexual abuse. We remain true to our mission today—helping children and families heal from the trauma of abuse; assisting them to live happier lives; and restoring the laughter, joy, hopes, and dreams of childhood.

In July of 2005, Bright Tomorrows successfully applied for accreditation through the National Children's Alliance. We are now a fully-equipped and functioning Child Advocacy Center operating in a child-friendly environment. A Child Advocacy Center is a central location where specially trained professionals (law enforcement, child protective services, prosecutors, child advocacy center, medical and mental health professionals) work together with the common goal of supporting children and families during the investigation of suspected child abuse. It is a place where families receive support, education, counseling, and necessary referrals to community resources at the time of a disclosure of child sexual abuse. Bright Tomorrows has specially trained staff who interview children in a fact finding nature to determine if the child has been sexually abused. Interviews are also conducted at our center when requested by law enforcement or child protection for child cases involving physical abuse, drug endangerment, witness to a crime or murder, or attempted abduction. Follow up counseling and supportive services continue to be provided on site at Bright Tomorrows. We also provide trainings and educational outreach to the Southeastern Idaho region about child sexual abuse.

  • 1981 Professionals from Pocatello (Virgie Unsworth Arambarri and Vikki Watson) attended training in California that focused on child sexual abuse. They came back and began work to start a Task Force.
  • 1982 Began holding Parent's United groups which were counseling/support groups for families affected by child sexual abuse. Volunteer driven.
  • 1983 Began to receive United Way funding to help cover the expenses of the groups.
  • 1984 "The Community Task Force on Child Sexual Abuse" (former name of Bright Tomorrows) was incorporated as a not for profit in the state of Idaho.
  • 1985 Began the first groups for sexual abuse offenders (run by Pat Lewis, Henry Durham, and Diane Watson Martin) through the Community Task Force.
  • 1989 Sister Mary Paul Moller started as the first paid Director and individual counseling services began to be provided including Play Therapy services.
  • 1995 Kathy Downes and Lynn Miner became the Directors of Bright Tomorrows. Individual, group and family counseling services were provided to children and families affected by child sexual abuse – funding received from grants and donations.
  • 1997 Name was changed to "Bright Tomorrows Inc."
  • 2002 Trained facilitators for the Stewards of Children sexual abuse prevention program and began to offer trainings in the Pocatello area.
  • 2003 & 2004 Bright Tomorrows received an NCA Development grant to start a Child Advocacy Center where child forensic interviews and support services were provided to families at the time of the investigation of child sexual abuse.
  • 2005 Became an Accredited Child Advocacy Center with the National Children's Alliance.
  • 2007 Bill Isley and numerous community businesses came together to build a new facility for Bright Tomorrows at 409 Washington Ave.
  • 2008 First fundraiser held at the Booth Barn for Bright Tomorrows raising $7,000.
  • 2009 Became a Medicaid credentialed mental health agency and began to bill for clinical services, diversifying our funding sources making Bright Tomorrows not solely funded by grants.
  • 2010 Worked with the city of Montpelier to start a Child Advocacy Center in Bear Lake County.
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